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"I was stuck.. searching hours and hours for a wedding videographer I could afford. I literally could not spend thousands of dollars. I just couldn't. I got ahold of my friend Jenna after seeing a video she did of a friend's birthday party. I told her I was in ENVY of those brides that could have a beautiful, emotional video of their big day! The next day, she messaged me saying "I know this sounds crazy and it's the biggest day of your life but.. trust me! I can do it!" The next weekend, Jenna showed up, on time and ready to go. Our day was perfect and our video is even more perfect. I will never forget what my husband's face looked like as he watched me walk down the aisle or how my Great Mamaw laughed while dancing with us!"

- Tracey L.

That's me! 

I'm here to capture every planned AND unplanned moment of your big day! Videography is watching lifes most special moments in sound; in motion. Let's chat! I want you to be able to afford that beautiful, professional wedding video!

With love,







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